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Energy Leadership Index ™


Energy Leadership Index ™ Assessment (ELI)

We as individuals view the world through filters based on our environment, our values, assumptions and experiences. Those filters can limit or expand what we see. We develop these filters mostly unconsciously throughout our lives and they significantly influence how we perceive people, situations and everything around us. Ultimately, this affects how we approach different situations.

These perceptions, believes and assumptions could even be holding you back from realizing your full potential in your life and your career.

What if you could “measure” these filters and assess how they’re influencing your potential and your ability to reach your goals? This is exactly what the iPEC Energy Leadership Index™ assessment (ELI) accomplishes. It’s an attitudinal assessment, not a personality-based one, and it puts a numerical value to the types of energy a person experiences and expresses:

  • Level 1: Feeling lost. Stuck. Lack of choice. I can’t. I have to. Fearful.
  • Level 2: Anger. Combativeness. Resisting or fighting energy.
  • Level 3: Rationalizing. Fine. Coping.
  • Level 4: Care. Compassion. Service to others.
  • Level 5: Reconciliation. Win-win. Solution-focused.
  • Level 6: Intuition. Creative genius. Visionary.
  • Level 7: Absolute Passion. Non-judgment. Oneness.


Assessment Price: $275

Price includes online assessment access, 90 min debrief session with tangible results and clarity on possible next steps and access to the SCOPE ™ app which gives an insight which factors (spiritual mental, emotional, physical, social and/or environmental) are impacting the energy in your “fuel tank” at the current moment.