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About me

I started my corporate career at a global corporation; held my first leadership position at 22, continued my career in Human Resources – first in Europe, then transitioning to the US

I was in charge of my own department at 26, achieving the goals I set for myself as I climbed the career ladder. While being busy being successful, I slowly slipped away from my true self and lost sight of what was truly important to me. 

This is when my Coaching journey began: I redefined my values, what success really meant to me (bye 60hr work week, hello empowerment through freedom of choice!).

Coaching will take you on the Fast Track to the Life you desire & deserve.

With my personal experience as high achiever, HR Professional, female leader in male dominated fields and professional Mindset and Business Coach, I now use my talents to help others find their “why” and live a more fulfilled life – through career and personal development. 

I work with my clients on…

…becoming a better leader

…finding their voice in the boardroom

…setting boundaries

…manage transitions 

…finding back to themselves

Coaching will bring you on the fast track to the life you desire & deserve.

I am a Certified Professional Coach –                by the iPEC Institute, an International Coaching Federation Accredited Coach Training Program.

I specialize in leadership, wellness and transition coaching.


Petra is a Startup Expert, Expat and certified Coach with a Passion for People. 

As business partners and fellow german expats, Petra and I offer trainings and workshops for organizations and universities, tailored to the specific needs.

Petra specializes in Executive, Leadership and Transitions Coaching in her own practice.


Desiree Perez  partners with high achieving individuals, leaders and organizations to reach their individual next level of success. Through Coaching and Consulting she helps her clients develop their personal blueprint to success and the skills, confidence and clarity to successfully execute on this blueprint. 

Desiree is an Executive Coach.

Together we offer custom solutions and trainings for organizations and C-Suites.

Affiliations & Certifications