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How do you live
your Life ?

at cause or
at effect ?



Interested to learn more what coaching is and how we can partner up? Wondering if coaching is right for you and what it can do for you?

Energy Leadership Index ™ Assessment

We as individuals view the world through filters based on our environment, our values, assumptions and experiences. Those filters can limit or expand what we see. Experience the impact of the

  • Energy Leadership Index ™ Assessment
  • SCOPE Assessment

Trainings & Workshops

Leadership Development seminars and workshops on various topics are developed specifically to your or your organizations needs and are available individually or can be combined a la carte.


My biggest passion is helping people to unleash their full potential, to excel in their personal and professional life.

I specialize in leadership, wellness and transitions coaching.

What my clients say..

“I was in a very transitional period of my life. I had quit my job to do some traveling when COVID brought me home. I was having trouble deciding what my next steps should be. Where do I want to live? Should I stay where I am? Should I move somewhere new? What type of job do I want? Do I really go for the complete career transition that I think I want? Kristin helped me find a direction. And she didn’t just tell me what that direction should be. She asked me questions that made me come to the conclusion myself. I was blown away at the end of our session. I couldn’t recommend Kristin more!”
- Chelsea, Life in Transition
“My coaching experience with Kristin was phenomenal! Kristin helped me to see things from a different perspective on so many levels. Over years I had negative feelings about certain things in life, where she showed me how great it can be to see it through a different angle and just change the entire situation to something positive. I can highly recommend Kristins coaching, as it seems like are you are talking to a friend. Her professionalism is outstanding. Through the coaching sessions I have learned so much about myself and can highly recommend it for self development. I loved my experience!”
- Vanessa, Mindset Shift
“My journey with Kristin has been so incredibly eye opening and inspirational! With Kristin’s coaching support I have been able to get clarity on one of my biggest career decisions. She brought out the “I don’t know what I don’t know” and has supported and cheered me on. With her help I was able to get past the symptoms and get to the roots of my self inflicted limitations.”
- Lea, Career Coaching